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Weather & Seas

NWS Marine Weather Forecasts Continental US

NOAA National Weather Warning Special Marine  Severe Thunderstorm  Hurricane  Tornado

NOAA Data Buoy Observations US & International

NODC Coastal Water Temperature Records


Northeast Tide Tables  NY  NJ  CT  RI  MA  NH  ME  (Noreast Magazine)

NOAA Tidal Current Predictions US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Central America 2012


USCG Local Notice to Mariners Weekly Notices
NOAA Nautical Chart Updates  
USCG Light List Corrections 

NOAA Chart Viewer Alaska  Pacific Coast  Gulf Coast  Atlantic Coast

International Nautical Paper Charts In-Stock & Printed-on-Demand (Landfall Navigaton)

USCG Light Lists Vol I - Vol VII

USGS Latitude/Longitude Finder USA

Latitude/Longitude Finder  (MSR Maps)  USA
USCG Navigation Rules View Online or Download

USNO Atomic Clock Time UTC

US VHF Radio Channels

Marine Structures (searchable site)   Bridges  Locks   (


Private Transient Moorings The Mooring Exchange

Facility Descriptions (searchable site)   Anchorages  Marinas  Restaurants  (

Safety & Regulation

The Ultimate Sanibel Boating Safety Guide (Thanks to the students and Anne at the District Library) 

American Academy of Pediatrics Swimming Pool Safety (Thanks to a suggestion from the kids, their parents, and Laura at Aquatics4kids in Florida)

Inland US

NY State Barge Canals: Boating Info  Maps  Notices to Mariners  Bridge Clearances  

USACE Descriptions:          Pittsburgh District Locks & Dams
USACE Navigation Charts: Mississippi River
USACE Navigation Charts: Tennessee River
USACE Navigation Charts: Cumberland River
USACE Descriptions           Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
USACE Chart Sources:       Chart Books & Electronic Charts

Great Lakes Cruising Guides Online  Erie  Huron  Michigan  Ontario  Superior  (Lakeland Boating)

NOAA Chart Viewer Great Lakes

Marine Webcams (Wheelhouse) Western Rivers


Notice to Mariners NOTMAR

NRCAN Latitude/Longitude Finder English Francais

CHS Tide Predictions  
Tides, Currents, Water Levels

GLIN Water Levels
Great Lakes - St Lawrence

DFO Navigation Charts Paper & Digital

Marine Structures (searchable site)   Bridges  Locks   (

Facility Descriptions (searchable site)   Anchorages  Marinas  Restaurants  (

home long isl sound north america blue water licensing operation