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Weather & Sea Conditions

NWS Marine Weather Forecasts
LI Sound forecasts including any small craft advisories/warnings
NOAA National Weather Warnings
NOAA Data Buoy Observations
Actual measurements of wind speed & direction, wave height, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, and dew point
Buoy data can also be dialed up at 888-701-8992

Windspeeds Observed & Forecast

          Windspeed Forecast Table (SailFlow)

Moon Viewer
Image of moon fullness.


Tide Tables
High/low tide times & heights at local harbors in printable format for the range of dates that you select (source: Noreast Magazine)


USCG Local Notice to Mariners
Printable weekly alerts of temporary and permanent changes to navigation aids and piloting procedures related to special occurrences such as marine construction, mishaps, and regattas
NOAA Chart Viewer
View the latest nautical charts on-line
NOAA Nautical Charts
Up to date, water-resistant charts
USCG Light List
Height, light characteristics, latitude/longitude, fog signals, and physical description of aids to navigation
NOAA Tidal Current Predictions
Predictions for time of slack water, time of maximum ebb & flood currents, and velocities of maximum ebb & flood currents at specific locations from the Race to Throgs Neck
USGS Latitude/Longitude Finder (Yale Peabody Museum)
Easy search for the lat/long coordinates of natural and man-made features
Latitude/Longitude Finder  (MSR Maps)
           Find U.S. lat/longs using street address or cursor location on  aerial photo or topo map Submerged Wreck Locations (Noreast Magazine)
LORAN coordinates of submerged wrecks from New Rochelle to Block Island


First Aid Kit
A listing of first aid kit items developed by emergency room physicians for boats cruising where medical attention could be secured within several hours
CPR Basics (U Washington Med School)
Intended as a guide and informational resource but not a replacement for real CPR or first aid training
USCGAUX Float Plan
 If you plan a cruise longer than just a few hours, leave a copy of a written float plan with your marina, yacht club, or friend
Vessel Safety Check (USCGAUX & USPS)
Free voluntary boat safety inspection performed annually by qualified examiners from the USCG Auxiliary and the US Power Squadrons ... no fees, no penalties
USCG Navigation Rules
Sometimes referred to as Collision Regulations (COLREGS), the Navigation Rules establish a consistent way to navigate safely and avoid collisions 
The "inland" rules apply to operating on the LI Sound

Naval Vessel Protection Zone (NVPZ)

Violations of the Naval Vessel Protection Zone are a felony offense punishable by up to six years in prison and/or a fine up to $250,000.

The USCG established the NVPZ regulations as a Homeland Security measure for the safety and security of U.S. naval vessels in U.S. navigable waters.

All vessels are required to operate at minimum speed necessary to maintain course and they should only proceed as directed by the official patrol accompanying the vessel when within 500 yards of any naval vessel. No vessel is permitted within 100 yards of any naval vessel and should only approach within 100 yards with specific approval from the official patrol or commander of the naval vessel.

Official patrols and naval vessels will be monitoring and can be contacted on VHF-FM channel 16.

Other past routine actions which could be viewed as suspicious or threatening are: approaching close to cruise line ships or commercial shipping vessels such as oil tankers, and hovering near petroleum facilities, power stations or major bridges. Private boats should give commercial shipping a wide berth and refrain from getting too close to commercial marine facilities and petroleum pipelines.

Telephone suspicious activity to the USCG Auxiliary's Water Watch at 877-24WATCH toll-free.

US Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound  Public Boating Safety  Homeport


Tie-Up Descriptions (   Anchorages  CT  NY   Marinas  CT  NY   Restaurants  CT NY   (searchable site)

LI Sound Pumpout Locations  CT  NY State  NY Sea Grant

Ferry Transportation
Port Jefferson NY - Bridgeport CT  Orient Point NY - New London CT  New London CT - Block Island RI
 Fishers Island NY - New London CT

Land Transportation
 Long Island RR   Metro North RR
  Shore Line East RR

Sailing Crew Exchange (Windcheck Magazine) Need crew? Want to crew?  Crew Connect

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